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TOP RIGHT: Chrismarlie, 13 mos., Haiti life saving surgery. 

BELOW LEFT: Greeting Liridona at JFK Airport.

BELOW RIGHT: Priscilla and Margarite Almeida.

Black child, 2-3 years old, wearing pink and green hat, looking at the camera
Group of 5 men, 2 women, around a teenager in pink tracking suit, in a wheelchair

Worldwide Children's Foundation of New York humbly thanks all the donors, surgeons, physicians, hospitals, medical professionals, families, staff, board of directors, volunteers, advisors and everyone who made it possible for the 12 years of helping children who had life-saving and life-altering surgeries from WWCF of New York. 


A big thank you to Ronald McDonald House on 73rd street in New York City, who provided housing and love to many of our children and their mothers, as a place who cared about them and helped them with their daily needs and provided tremendous loving support. 


The past surgeries for the WWCF of New York children created a halo effect. From the families, to their towns or villages and to the circle of individuals who assisted, and to the children who have grown into young adults. Many families arrived in New York City frightened, but thankful someone heard their resounding cry for help, to provide the medical care needed for their child.  


We pass the torch to other caring organizations who continue the same mission of Worldwide Children's Foundation of New York

Woman sitting next to 10 year old girl in orange sweater and playing with a digital camera
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